Japan's Leading Nano Hydrogen Water KIYORABI


Widely popular product in Japan - packed full of hydrogen that is said to be effective for anti-aging.
We bring it for health and beauty conscious people living a busy life.


Around 2010, hydrogen water started gaining mainstream media coverage in Japan, on TV and in women's magazines, and began to be stocked by many shops and department stores. Loved by people of all ages, KIYORABI is widely popular in Japan, with more than 12 million units sold already.

According to a mystery shopping survey in a weekly magazine, KIYORABI ranked first for hydrogen concentration and was introduced as the hydrogen water that had the most tangible effect.
KIYORABI was introduced as a new pre-skin care routine, as an item that uses hydrogen water to prevent skin problems.
Woman working at a department store said KIYORABI had increased their metabolism and improved the roughness of their skin.
In October 2013, KIYORABI was a finalist in the anan Magazine's Things that Are Good for Your Body Grand Award, and also appeared on the front page of the magazine.
KIYORABI was introduced on TV by a hugely successful model who said she drank 1 liter of KIYORABI every day.
KIYORABI was featured by Japanese popular athletes and models on the special issue of intestine activities. The beauty writer commented that it led to a clear and healthy body.