Is hydrogen water well-known in Japan?

Yes! In Japan various brands of hydrogen water are sold in supermarkets, drugstores and convenience stores as well as online. Hydrogen water developed into a boom around 2015 among health and beauty conscious women and is still regularly used by many people today. In particular, Nano Hydrogen Water KIYORABI is featured in women's magazines almost daily, and has sold more than 12 million units since its launch in 2009.

Is hydrogen water the same as alkaline ion water?

No. Our Nano Hydrogen Water KIYORABI is natrual water mixed with hydrogen gas (H2), and is something totally different from alkaline ion water which is made by electrolysis.

What is KIYORABI's redox potential?

The redox potential of Nano Hydrogen Water KIYORABI is around minus 555 mV to minus 579 mV. However, hydrogen concentration cannot be measured based on redox potential. While it is true that redox potential is proportionate to concentration, mixing with other reducing substances can increase negative potential. Please only use the redox potential as a reference for the reduction power of hydrogen.

Is it better to sip KIYORABI?

No. If you sip Nano Hydrogen Water KIYORABI, each time you take a sip, the hydrogen water will come into contact with the air, and the hydrogen will escape. Drinking Nano Hydrogen Water KIYORABI in one go directly from the container (aluminum pouch) is hard, and so the most effective method is to pour between 250 ml and 300 ml into a cup and drink it in as little time as possible.

Does the container have to be aluminum?

We believe YES. The only container that can be used to store hydrogen is an aluminum container. This is because hydrogen is the smallest element and the lightest gas and would, therefore, escape from a plastic or glass bottle or a steel can. Even with an aluminum container, if air is left inside the container, the hydrogen will escape into the space. The aluminum pouch of our Nano Hydrogen Water KIYORABI has a special 4-tier structure. The structure is designed to prevent the aluminum and materials from tainting the water so you can enjoy the water's original taste.

What is the most effective and efficient way to drink KIYORABI?

Basically, it's definitely better to drink a large amount. You will also probably feel the benefits more if you drink Nano Hydrogen Water KIYORABI over an extended period. As a rough guide, we recommend drinking one or two pouches a day in two or three sittings, for example, morning, noon and night. There is nothing wrong with drinking more than that. Some people say it is best to drink KIYORABI intensively throughout the morning, others say the afternoon is better, and some say they drink a little before going to bed. Opinions vary, and it is probably best to find out what suits you best.

What is meant by ppm used to indicate hydrigen content? Is it different from redox potential?

"ppm" stands for "parts per million" and it is used to express concentration. (The saturation concentration of hydrogen is 1.6 ppm). Redox potential expressed nothing more than reduction power and is not the same as hydrogen concentration.

Why is the expiration date so short (4 months)?

Nano Hydrogen Water KIYORABI comes in an aluminum pouch with a special 4-tier structure to stop the hydrogen from escaping. However, the hydrogen will eventually escape from the cap, and we therefore, give KIYORABI a short expiration date so that the hydrogen water you drink has the highest hydrogen content possible.

How much hydrogen is in one pouch of KIYORABI Nano Hydrogen Water (500 ml)?

On average, one pouch of Nano Hydrogen Water KIYORABI (500 ml) contains more than 1.23 ppm of hydrogen. This is equivalent to 0.6 mg in terms of mass, 3×10-4 mol in terms of amount of substance, and 1.8×1020 molecules (180 quintillion molecules) in terms of the number of hydrogen molecules. Assuming that there are 60 trillion cells in the human body, consumption of one pouch of KIYORABI Nano Hydrogen Water will deliver 3 million hydrogen molecules to each cell.

Is it advisable for some people not to drink KIYORABI?

If you are required to limit your water intake, you should consult with your doctor before drinking Nano Hydrogen Water KIYORABI and adjust the amount you drink to suit your condition. Nano Hydrogen Water KIYORABI is safe for pregnant women and children to drink but should not be given to infants.

Can hydrogen water be drunk hot?

If you empty the hydrogen water into a pan or kettle to boil it, the hydrogen will escape. It is better to heat up the hydrogen water inside the container in a hot water bath.