About Us- Who We Are? -

Our Belief

Hydrogen water has an unusual history. Despite falling in the soft drink category, in the space of six years since 2007, hydrogen water has been the subject of more than 400 medical research papers and reports in the world, and is also being investigated in clinical trials at several universities. We believe that hydrogen water has the potential to change the history of the human race. We aim to earn the trust of our customers by producing high quality water. We will also strive to develop new products that make hydrogen an integral part of our lifestyle and consistently provide the very best products and services.

Our People

Everywhere in our offices and on the shop floor, our employees work in happy harmony, smiling and laughing. Everyday our employees throw themselves energetically into their work, “wanting to do their bit to boost the health and beauty of people around the world.” We are KIYORA Kikuchi.

Safe and Secure Production System

Starting operation in November 2014, the new plant that manufactures Nano Hydrogen Water KIYORABI has a clean room, and the entire manufacturing process, from filling to packaging, is fully automated with no manual operations whatsoever, to prevent contamination. The plant also houses office space, and everything from manufacturing to shipment is centrally managed, to ensure speedy and accurate shipment. To maintain the quality of our hydrogen water, we also measure the hydrogen concentration in-house and test for bacteria ourselves during the manufacturing process.

Plant Certified to ISO22000 : 2005(August 31, 2016)

Zero Radioactive Material
Full Disclosure of Test Results

In addition to testing hydrogen concentration and testing for bacteria ourselves, we also ensure thoroughgoing quality testing by an independent testing laboratory.

Products in Collaboration with Sanrio's
Characters-popular All over the World!

Due to the high level of interest in Nano Hydrogen Water KIYORABI among Japanese women, we have also released products in collaboration with Sanrio's characters Hello Kitty and My Melody which are popular all over the world.
*Japan-only products

Beautiful Water Brought to You from
Aso in Kumamoto, the Home of Water

The rain that falls in Aso passes through the natural filter formed by strata (layers made from volcanic ash) to become beautiful natural water 20 or 25 years later. We take great care in bringing this blessing of nature to you.

Company Information

Ogami Shihoko
129-2 Ima, Kikuchi City Kumamoto 861-1303, Japan